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FOX News
Nov 30, 2012 1:00pm PST
cover this particular circumstance. it was the weakness of the obama administration going back to last year when the palestinians joined unesco vote. if they used the diplomatic tools this vote would not have taken place. >>neil: do you get the feeling as a naive observer, it is us and israel looking more like custer, the whole world is going one way? and we are watching. >>guest: only if you think the u.n. compound in are you it people bay in manhattan is not the twilight zone. the whole argument about in vote yesterday was abbas is down because hamas has been firing rockets and we have to lit -- lift him up and many of our european friends vote if favor of this and that is the kind of thing that discredits the u.n. i don't think we should worry about it in the macro sense but i do think this is going to be used very much against israel. and they are making a mistake in minimizing the consequences. i know the pain hurts but this is a very important political victory for the palestinian authority. >>neil: do you think we will see a palestinian state? >>guest: well, not any time soon at
FOX News
Nov 29, 2012 1:00pm PST
has happened. with we have another four years of president obama, and know that this administration owes the unions. though know they have an nlrb that will be controlled by democrats and they will have it if four years. the policies and decision we will see coming from here will come from the nlrb. >>neil: if you try to stay on a diet, you cannot get into mcdonald's so that is good if you are on a diet. but wendy's was free and clear. i have a whacky thought. they could be hurting themselves severely in that say they were able to unionize mcdonald's, obviously the pay if those higher wages, everything will go up in price. >> maybe a lot. >>neil: they overplay their hand as some argue the democrats, some, are overplaying their hand? ocean -- they will not get anything near what they are saying. this is about trying to get people to join unions. they are trying to get peoples' interest. >>neil: but they will get something, like skipping on a pond. >>guest: the issue is union dues. >>neil: thank you. you hike, they take a hike. when governments raise taxes, taxpayers just raise a fing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2